United Pacifican Left
Progressive Leftist Caucus (1973-1975)
Founded6 May 1975
IdeologySocialism; Marxism; Far-Left
Fiscal positionFar-Left
Social positionCenter-Left
ChairpersonBoris Sereinyev
Vice-ChairpersonsMaria Sybileva; Vladimir Ulyanov
Members97,412 claimed
HeadquartersUssuriysk, Pacifica
Official colors      Maroon
Seats in the
- National Assembly
- Council of Ministers

36 of 272 (12.58%)
1 of 16

The United Pacifican Left, also known as the Progressive Leftists (1973-1975), is a party that split from the Progressive Party of the Pacific following the Vietnam Affair in 1974-75 with the Progressive Party, the Pacifican Government Organization, and President Mikhail Zakharov. Party founders Vladimir Torlopov and Vladimir Ustinov would serve as President and Chairman, respectively, in the late-1970s during the party's height of popularity. Throughout the 1980s it worked to gain its popularity back after failed economic policies; later working with the Communist Party governments of 1989-1993. Since then, the Party has remained a minor party, third behind the Progressives and the Democrats.

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