Nikita Akhatova
Nikita Akhatova

Empress of the Athenian Federation
Assumed office 
27 June 2010
Preceded by Angel of the Athenian Federation

President of the Athenian Federation
In office
18 March 2010 – 27 June 2010
Preceded by Office Created
Succeeded by Office Dissolved

Secretary General of the Athenian Socialist Alliance
Assumed office 
11 March 2010
Preceded by Office Created

Supreme Commander of the Hellenic Armed Forces
Assumed office 
18 March 2010
Preceded by Office Created

Born June 7th 1981(Age: 39)
Nationality Athenian
Political party Athenian Socialist Alliance
Residence Athens
Profession Empress of the Athenian Federation
Religion Greek Polytheism

Nikita is the current President of the Athenian Federation, born in Communist Moscow she has already pushed forward the party line. While originally Stalinist she has changed her policies to the more liberal Titoism which in turn can be compared to Rational Communism.


Early YearsEdit

Nikita was born in a rich family with 2 other sisters, being the oldest she generally had it better than her sisters though they expected the most of her too. From an early age she always had to prove herself, something which proved vital in het later life.


Going to elementary and high school in her hometown she later attended the Lomonosov Moscow State University graduating at it in Political Science and International Relations.


With the division of Russia Nikita took her chance and took over control of a small area, the Federal Republic of Bosporan was a prospering Socialist state until it's disbandment years later. While Nikita loved the state she created she realized her true ideals would never be executed in Bosporan, after this disappointment she disappeared from the public for a while.

The Phoenix Empire/Athenian FederationEdit

Under the Phoenix Empire in South America Nikita was able to become an Imperial Councillor of Atlantica and later the Governor of it under the Holy American Empire, with the situation in Greece becoming obvious she resigned her post and established a Socialist movement which would later take over control of the nation.


Currently as said Nikita is the president of the Athenian Federation officially serving under the Empress but unofficially with equal powers and temporary sole control of the Federation. Still recovering from her latest fight she is converting the Federation to a more liberal state which helps all classes especially the workers.

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