Communist Party of the Pacific
Common Workers' Party (1986-1988)
Founded1 January 1989
Fiscal positionFar-Left
Social positionRight
General SecretaryMikhail Borisniyev
First SecretaryGennady Kursky
Members12,391 claimed
HeadquartersUssuriysk, Pacifica
Official colors      Red
Seats in the
- National Assembly
- Council of Ministers

32 of 272 (11.19%)
1 of 16

The Communist Party of the Democratic Republic of the Pacific is the only major communist party in the country. Formed as the Common Workers' Party on 7 November 1986, it operated as the political wing to the Pan-Pacifican Revolutionary Movement and built relations with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union during the Patriotic War (1987-1989). Reformed as the Communist Party on 1 January 1989, its members mainly communists of the United Pacifican Left, in response to the formation of the fiscally center-right Democratic Party from the Progressives' Civil Libertarian Caucus in 1988. The majority of its members fought on the Soviet-Communist side in the Patriotic War. The paty won the controversal 1989 general elections, but its government soon collapsed following a series of many resignations. The leadership maintained authority in the National Assembly from 1989 to 1993, avoiding impeachments. Its government collapsed following the 1993 general electoins, ushering in a decade of Democratic rule.

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